What is To The Bank Tuesday? It’s weekly encouragement and ideas to help you save money in easy ways. Encouragement to be frugal not miserly. No one likes a miser!

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How I Saved Money This Week

-I cooked two pounds of breakfast sausage and divided it up into three meals instead of only two. I made breakfast burritos with part of it and put the other two portions in the freezer for later.

-I made coconut milk yogurt instead of buying individual cups. It cost me $4.00 to make a half gallon, it would have cost me $23.19 to buy the same amount pre-made. I used this recipe and subbed two boxes of coconut milk.  The yogurt isn’t as thick as store bought but works great for smoothies or for making chia seed pudding.

-I went through all of my seeds from last year to see what I had before ordering seeds for this year. I usually order a ton of seeds and I end up not using some. I also made a list of what seeds I needed and wanted and then marked some off of the want list.

What I’ve Learned From To The Bank Tuesday This Month

-That without making a menu plan every week I buy too much at the grocery store. A lot of those groceries end up sitting in my pantry or freezer for quite a while before being eaten.

-By making a menu plan before heading to the store I can look at the sales ads and build my menu around sales. I’ve bought cabbage twice this month for .39 cents a pound, cauliflower for $1.50 a head and clementines for $1.00 a pound. Had I not known before heading to the store that those were on sale I may have grabbed more expensive produce.

-I buy too many books. Well not really, because there is no such thing as too many books. However, I do need to stay away from Half Price Books and Amazon if I want to save money every month. I need to use the library or my Kindle for free reading. I’ve been reading through Jane Austin’s novels and they are free on the Kindle!

Frugality includes all the other virtues. –Cicero