What is To The Bank Tuesday? It’s weekly encouragement and ideas to help you save money in easy ways. Encouragement to be frugal not miserly. No one likes a miser!

starting flowers from seeds

What I Did This Week To Save Money

-I usually buy flowers to plant in pots on my porch but decided to start them inside from seed this year.  A packet of seeds is much cheaper than buying a flat of flowers and it’s so exciting to see the little baby plants sprout from the soil and grow. My littlest guy helped me out.

-We also planted some potatoes, carrots and radishes. My two youngest helped with the carrot seeds.  I hope they come up!

planting carrot seeds









-We are studying dental hygiene this week and talking about the importance of brushing teeth and flossing. This is a two birds, one stone kind of thing.  The kids will have clean, healthy chompers and we save money at the dentist.  With four boys we could easily drop a grand at the dentist if each one of them had cavities.  I can think of a 1000 places I would rather go than to spend $1000 on dental care that could have been prevented with a toothbrush.  I found a ton of free resources online and lots of YouTube videos. While this didn’t actually save me money this week it will in the future.  Here are a couple of the YouTube videos that we liked, they were educational but not boring. The Cleaning: and Myoresearch Presents:

-I packed our lunch for a field trip to Dallas Children’s Theater to see a Year With Frog and Toad.  It took me less than five minutes to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and throw chips and drinks in a lunch bag.  It would have taken me at least 10 minutes if not more to go through a drive-thru and would have been more than double the cost.

Total Extra Savings For the Year

So far for January and February we have saved an extra $482.18, an average of $60.27 a week!  Wow!  I can’t believe it!  I’ve always fancied myself a frugal person but until being super diligent about tracking our spending and making sure to stay within our budget, I didn’t realize how much money we could have been saving all these years.  I’m shocked at how much extra money we have saved in two months.  We have been living well, not deprived of anything and just a few small changes here and there have made all the difference.

Meal Planning, Freezer Cooking and  Slowing Down

Meal planning and freezer cooking has been the two best things for our grocery budget. By doing meal planning each week before shopping I’m able to work cheaper staples such as rice and beans into our meals.  Give good ‘ol rice and beans a chance, they are CHEAP and healthy too boot!  There are so many ways to change them up and make them different each time you make them. My two favorite websites for freezer cooking recipes are Once A Month Menus and New Leaf WellnessMoney Saving Mom and Good Cheap Eats both have great guides to get you started freezer cooking if it seems overwhelming.

I also recently purchased Good Cheap Eats Dinner in 30 Minutes or Less: Fresh, Fast, and Flavorful Home-Cooked Meals, with More Than 200 Recipes (affiliate link) by Jessica Fisher. While not being specifically a recipe book for freezer cooking, many of the recipes are perfect for the freezer.  Her recipe for bean burritos will make even a die-hard bean hater ask for seconds. She even has a freezer meal plan to go along with some of the recipes in the book.

Have a friend come and help you, it’s much faster and more fun to do bulk cooking with a buddy.  A friend and I have been taking turns freezer cooking at each other’s houses for about four years.  We make a ton of meals while our kids play and it doesn’t seem like work at all.  Whoever’s house we are cooking at buys all the groceries and then keeps all the meals, the other is just there to help prepare it all. Having homemade meals already prepared will keep you from eating out and leaves you with fewer dishes after dinner- just heat, serve, throw a few plates in the dishwasher and your done!

What ways have you saved money this week?  I’m always looking for advice and great ideas for saving!

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving. -Warren Buffet


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