What is To The Bank Tuesday? It’s weekly encouragement and ideas to help you save money in easy ways. Encouragement to be frugal not miserly. No one likes a miser.








How I Saved Money This Week

-For the past two years we have missed the North Texas Irish Festival.  We were determined we wouldn’t miss it this year, however, things change.  We visited a local museum on a field trip and found out that the next week they were offering a free World War II Living History Day. We decided to stay local and check out the free event instead. I’m so glad we did! A volunteer WWII re-enactment group set up a life like camp on the museum lawn. There was a field kitchen, Army Jeeps, weapons, parachute equipment and sleeping quarters to explore and learn about.  We had so much fun and we learned so much about what life was like for the soldiers during the war. We saved $30 and gas by skipping the Irish Festival and staying closer to home.

-I’ve been wanting a coffee table to quite a while but didn’t want to spend the money on one.  Someone posted about having a moving sale on Facebook and I asked her if she had a coffee table.  She had one in great shape and she only wanted $10 for it!  Had I bought one brand new if would have easily cost me a couple of hundred dollars.

-I renewed the 30, yes I said 30, books we have checked out at the library online so that I wouldn’t have a huge late fee.  I’ve started making a note on my calendar for when our books are due so that I can either plan a trip to the library or renew online so that I don’t have to pay any late fees.

-There is an upcoming homeschool convention in our area that we’ve wanted to attend.  Once we looked at the price of tickets we decided to pass on it this year.  Besides the $65 savings on tickets and the gas to get there, I’m sure we saved hundreds on top of that.  Venders would be set up selling the latest and greatest curriculum and books and I would end up buying things I really don’t need.

-My husband built a new chicken coop instead of buying one.  It took a little time but saved us hundreds of dollars.

chicken coop






-Homemade Chinese take-out. Yes!  My husband can’t have wheat or MSG so eating at a Chinese restaurants isn’t something we do.  I saw this recipe for Cashew Chicken in a new recipe book I recently purchased and had to try it. My husband who says he doesn’t like Chinese food has changed his mind, he was impressed! It was so tasty and easy and cheap to make, it will definitely be a regular around here.  I made it with the baked rice recipe from the same cookbook: Good Cheap Eats Dinner in 30 Minutes or Less: Fresh, Fast, and Flavorful Home-Cooked Meals, with More Than 200 Recipes (affiliate link).  I’ve made so many recipes from this book, it’s quickly becoming my go-to for meal planning.

What have you done this week to save money?

Being Frugal does not mean being cheap! It means being economical and avoiding waste. -Catherine Pulsifer 

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