Frugal living and saving money is a hobby of mine.  It started from necessity and over time has turned into a lifestyle.  I enjoy finding new ways to save money while still living life well.  You won’t find us reusing cloth toilet paper cut from old t-shirts, but we do clean with rags cut from old t-shirts instead of expensive paper towels. Paper towels, talk about money in the trash-literally. Our frugal lifestyle makes it possible for our family to travel and make memories.  Memories can be enjoyed over and over again and never have to be picked up off the floor, dusted or donated because they are no longer needed. We want to be collectors of memories not things.

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How We Saved Money For Travel In June

-We switched our car insurance back to the same insurance company we have our home owner’s insurance with.  Last year we had our cars and home insurance with the same company. We found that if we switched our car insurance to another company we could save $200 a year, so we switched. When it came time to renew this year we got a quote from our home owner’s insurance company and they quoted us $200 less if we would switch back to them for our car insurance. We saved a total of $400 over the past year from switching, $200 for the switch in June 2015 and another $200 for the switch back in June 2016.  Take a half hour and do some shopping around. Call a couple of different insurance companies for quotes.  Even if you pay your insurance every six months and switch with four months still paid for you should receive a pro-rated check back, make sure and ask.

-We are going on a trip soon and I don’t want any food to be wasted so we’re doing a pantry/freezer challenge. We won’t be grocery shopping this last week of June and will eat or freeze any food not eaten before our trip.

-We’ve been focusing on free things to do for fun.  So many times we try to think of something fun to do with the intent of going somewhere.  Going somewhere usually means spending money at the movies or a restaurant. There are so many things you can do that are fun and free and those are usually the things that create memories and help build family bonds.  Your kids probably won’t think back on all those expensive cinema trips when they are older but it’s likely they’ll remember those lively games of spoons or pick up games of PIG in the driveway. We’ve had a couple of family movie nights complete with popcorn and sodas. The boys love it and it’s very inexpensive. We got a croquet set for Christmas and have been enjoying that as well.

how to play croquet

         Croquet is free family fun if you already have a set.

Saving is a greater art than gaining. -German Proverb

What have you done this month to save money?