We’re almost half way there!  I’m sure last week’s challenge got you excited about your trip and I know this week’s will too. If you missed Week One, Week Two or Week Three, no worries, it’s not too late to start!

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How does it feel to get rid of some of that junk that’s been constantly in your way?  Does it feel better knowing that all that junk is going to finance the summer vacation you didn’t think you could afford?

Week Four

This week you are going to write out your daily itinerary. We plan our day’s from the time we get up until the time we get back to our hotel or wherever we are staying.  While sometimes our plans change we at least have a framework to go off of to help us get the most out of our vacation time.

We use Google Maps to get a good estimate on drive times, whether that be for a long distance road trip or between attractions in one city.  We’ve found Google Maps to be fairly accurate on travel times and they even update it for the time you’re driving.  Sometimes driving through the downtown area of a big city will take you 15 mins. at 2:00 in the afternoon but an hour at 5:30 pm. So be sure and double check your drive times.

You also need to have an estimate of how long you are going to be at an attraction.  One museum may only take you an hour to see everything while another museum may take four hours or even all day. Sometimes websites or reviews or will give you an idea of how long to plan on being there. You can also call the place you plan on visiting and ask them for an estimate of how long you should schedule your visit for.

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The Money Saving Task

This week you are going to continue with Week One and Week Two’s tasks along with going through all the bedrooms in your house finding things to sale at your garage sale. Don’t get stressed out about this.  You don’t have to clean and organized everything in the bedrooms.  Go in there and grab all those clothes, knickknacks and junk that’s been stashed under the bed or in the closet or in your way as fast as you can and throw them in your garage sale pile.  If you can’t decide what to keep and what to get rid of ask yourself if you would rather store that item or sell it and enjoy feeling the sand between your toes.

Children’s bedrooms….eek!  That can sometimes be a tough one as children tend to naturally be hoarders.  Try getting them on board by letting them have their own table to sell things at.  Tell them if they part with some old toys they can make money to spend on your trip. Share with them some of the fun things you have planned to do on your trip and see if that helps encourage them any. I would personally probably sell children’s books and clothing and add that to the family vacation fund and let them sell their toys for their personal vacation spending money.  You decided what you think will work well for your family.

I listed several links last week on how to have a great garage sale.  Go back to last week’s post to check those links out.

It was during a heat wave in August one summer when I saw this sign on a telephone pole. “Garage sale this Sunday 7AM until 100 degrees.”

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