It’s all downhill from here- in a good way! Every day your getting closer and closer to the summer vacation you didn’t think you could afford.

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Week Five

This week you’re going to work on your meal plan for your trip. We always know before we leave for our trip what we are eating for every meal and where, whether that be breakfast at the hotel, a restaurant or sandwiches in the car. You can always change your mind on the road if you hear of a local can’t miss eatery but having a plan is always better than wondering around a town or searching the web looking for somewhere to eat while everyone is tired and hungry. On our upcoming trip one day we will be eating breakfast at the hotel, sandwiches in the car for lunch and pizza at a restaurant. I already have the address and route mapped out to get to the pizza restaurant we chose. It’s near a basilica we will be touring and offers deep dish Chicago style gluten free pizza. YUMMY!

The Money Saving (Making) Task

Alright y’all, keep on keepin’ on. Continue eating at home instead of running through the drive thru, continue using up all the products you already own. You’re so close, you’ve got this!

You’re also going to go through your garage to find items for your garage sale. Garages often harbor not only the stuff you no longer need or want but several big money items you can part with at your sale. Treadmill you never use- sale it. That bike you bought five years ago that you’ve ridden twice- sale it. The tub of baby clothes that have been sitting in the corner for four years- SALE THEM ALREADY!

Try to price things as you go to save you some time later. Post a few pictures on social media of some of the things you’re selling. You may make a few pre-sales or attract shoppers for garage sale day. Remember, every penny you get from your garage sale is a penny in the travel fund!

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I keep mementos from everything I’ve done. I’ve got my cab driver’s license from ‘Happiness.’ I’ve got a pair of glasses and a belt buckle from playing John Lennon. I’ve got a pair of sunglasses from playing Andy Warhol… It’s all in a box in the garage. -Jared Harris

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