Week six, so close. I bet you can almost hear the waves splashing against the beach or feel the soft breeze as you hike to the top of that peak. We just got back from our summer vacation, a road trip through the Midwest, and I can tell you the sacrifices we’ve made throughout the year to save money to go on that trip was worth it! So many times it would have been easier to order a couple of pizzas after some of those long tiring days but the deep dish Chicago style pizza IN CHICAGO was worth going home instead and throwing together a cheaper meal.

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Week Six

By now you should have your reservations made and most of your itinerary complete. If not you need make sure your reservations are made this week. All the planning and saving you’ve done is for naught if you find out there isn’t a single accommodation vacant at your destination.

This week your going to start planning snacks for your vacation.  When in comes to snacks remember, snacks = happier kids. We don’t snack a lot at home but on trips it is a must. I started picking up a few things here and there about a month before our trip.  I hid them in my closest so my boys wouldn’t see and start begging for them. I usually pack some special snacks that we don’t normally eat either because of our budget or because they aren’t the healthiest. Cookies make traveling so much sweeter!

I pack most of the snacks in a plastic tub (that normally holds Legos) and it rides in the very back.  In the front I have a small bag that I load each morning with snacks for the day.

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Pack plastic bowls with lids to make passing out snacks easier.

If you happen to be flying to your destination you can pack a few snacks in your carry on and then hit up a grocery store near where you are staying to stock up for the rest of your trip.  Go ahead and locate a grocery store and get directions this week.

Swimming at the hotel in Chicago, Il.

Swimming at the hotel in Chicago, Il.

The Money Saving Task

This is garage sale week!  Get ready for your garage sale by going through any part of your house that you haven’t gone through yet and find more items to sale.  Price items and start advertising on social media if you haven’t done so already.  A couple of nights before hand make signs to put on corners near your house advertising your sale. Remember this can add a large sum to your vacation fund so have no mercy in letting go of things you don’t need or want.

Let the kids help make a little extra money for the trip by letting them sell bottled water, soda and snacks to your customers.  It’s summer y’all and it’s hot, they can make a killing selling cold drinks! Most people aren’t going to buy homemade goods so stick to individual wrapped snacks.  If there are any left over you can take them with you on your trip.

The more material we lose, the less we have. The less we have, the more we win. -Anthony Liccione

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