I’ve always wanted to try one of those delivered to your door cooking box services but because of gluten allergies in our family I never have.  When I learned about Global Gastronauts Cooking Boxes I couldn’t wait to try it. I received a box in return for my honest review of the product, here it goes!

Global Gastronauts Pros

Global Gastronausts is geared towards children.  The recipe we tried was easy for my eight year old to do almost entirely by himself with my supervision.  The box includes an easy to read shopping list, utensils list, recipe card and fun stickers. The first box also includes a kid sized apron. All my boys wanted one.  Because everything in the box was child centered my children were more excited about trying the dish as well. Three out of four kids tried it and liked it, one even went back for seconds.

global gastronauts www.familytravelonashoestring.com

Every month features a recipe from a different country and fun facts about that country.  We made Iranian Khoresh Gheimeh Bademjan aka Persian Eggplant Stew.  We learned where Iran was, it’s capital, currency and a few other things.  Our favorite fun fact was the phrase Nushe Jon which means Enjoy your meal! in Farsi.  I like that you get a different country every month.  I might have never cooked an Iranian dish on my own but after trying one I’m excited to see what other yummy dishes Iran has to offer. Next month’s box is from Zanzibar, a country I’ve never even heard of and would never have thought to try a recipe from.

global gastronauts www.familytravelonashoestring.com

Easily adaptable to food allergies and preferences.  This month’s recipe was gluten free and could easily have been vegan or vegetarian if that’s your preference.  The main dish was also dairy free but the small side yogurt dish wasn’t. The spice pack in this month’s box was organic which is important to many families.

Each box comes with an iron on mission patch.  We thought it would be fun to collect badges from every single country.

5% of every purchase is donated to help feed families around the world.  I love companies that give back to the community. I love the idea that quality time in my kitchen with my family also helps other families receive the nourishment they need.

Global Gastronauts is small company owned by moms.  I love supporting small businesses and moms just like me trying to provide for their families.

Global Gastronauts Cons

I wish there had been more information given about Iran.  My kids like to see how children in other countries dress, what kind of games they play, and what their houses look like.  We have a few books in our home library that we were able to look at but it would be nice for more info to be included in the box.

Other than the spices needed for the dishes you have to purchase all the other ingredients.   If you add the cost of the box plus the cost of ingredients you end up with a pricey meal. We did have enough leftovers for another night though.

global gastronauts www.familytravelonashoestring.com

Final Thoughts On Global Gastronauts

My children truly enjoyed Global Gastronauts.  They asked when the next box was coming and were anxious to find out what country it would feature.   They love getting mail which doesn’t happen often and they also love to get in the kitchen with me.  I think Global Gastronauts would make a great gift for birthdays or Christmas, especially if you have a child that loves cooking or travel.  If it doesn’t fit in your budget you could suggest it to Grandma next time she asks your advice about what to get your kids for Christmas.

Get your kids in the kitchen, have fun, make memories!

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