We are a family that has recently been hit with wanderlust! We all have it, from the oldest to the youngest. We often hear from our five year old, “When are we going adventuring again?” We have a bucket list the size of Texas.   However, our pocket book isn’t the size of Texas. That doesn’t mean we can’t experience Scotland or Italy or South America. What do you love about travel? The food? The history? The legends? The customs and traditions? Us too!!! Travel with us as we explore the world, from home. While we may never get to the bottom of our bucket list, we won’t miss out on all the exciting history, traditions and foods from around the world!

Budget Travelers

While we aren’t able to board a plane to cross the Atlantic every other week we still try to travel as often as we can. We budget $1000 for our big family trip each year. We are often able to travel for less than that. We also try to go on a couple of smaller trips each year. Sometimes we rough it and go camping or we’ll take a long weekend to explore a city we’ve never been to. In the last two years we’ve been to Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and several destinations around Texas. We’ve always had an amazing time without spending a lot of money.


The Bucket List Challenge

As a family of six, the cost and logistics of traveling can be overwhelming at times. The cost for a family of six is the biggest obstacle. When looking for some tips and ideas for large family travel I ran into some road blocks. I did find some big families that travelled around the world full time. They’ve sold their homes and almost everything they own and live out of backpacks. We aren’t willing to do that. As much as we love to travel, home is where the heart is.

I also found plenty of travel families that had only one or two children, two incomes, or at least one income that was in the six digits. Families with fewer children and bigger incomes travel differently than we do.

Just because we have a big (ish) family, we aren’t going to try to cure our wanderlust. We aren’t going to wait until our children are grown to explore the world. We want to take them with us and make unforgettable memories with them.

Follow us during The Bucket List Challenge as we learn all the tricks of travel hacking, earn travel points, and SAVE SAVE SAVE to get us to the first destination on our bucket list, bonny Scotland! Or maybe every state in the U.S.? Gosh, our bucket list is so deep, all we know is that we want to see it all!!!


A Little Bit More About Us

More than we love to travel, we love Christ. As I write about the world God created I hope that it will bring glory to Him.

All our children are boys. That’s right. Four boys. It’s loud around here and there is a lot of energy. There is also a lot of love.

We’re also day trippers. We live in the great state of Texas. Texas has so much to offer! There is a multitude of museums, parks, festivals, theaters and restaurants to experience.  So many little towns and big cities with a ton of history and culture within a couple of hours drive. We are often tourists near home!

We live on a small farm. We try to raise and grow as much of our own food as possible. I have a black thumb. If my family had to live off of what I harvest out of the garden we would starve. At one time we dreamed of farming for a living. A year or so later we realized it was a lot of work without a lot of money in return. We now think of it as a hobby and as a way to teach our children valuable life skills.

I sometimes daydream about being one of those banjo playing families that lives in a R.V. and travels around the U.S. I know, pipe dream, seriously because we don’t even own banjos.